Living without Food just Sunlight and Air

A super creepy “real-life” Barbie woman monster thinks she’s going to be able to survive on only sunlight and air. Valeria Lukyanova has had a lot of alterations to become a real-life Barbie. It’s weird and creepy and gross, but that’s beside the point. She has now come out as a wanna-be Breatharian. Breatharian isn’t a word she made up. It’s from Eastern teachings and centers around a belief that food and water aren’t necessary to survive. She seems to want to survive on sunshine and rainbows! But she can’t. Humans don’t have chlorophyll to help us absorb energy from light, we get energy from food.

Firstly, while there are studies to show intermittent fasting might have a benefit in mice, to completely stop eating is just crazy. Gandhi fasted for 21 days, and doctors believe humans can go, maybe, eight weeks without food — as long as we have water. Biologically, starvation involves a set of events that have never in history been conquered. No one has ever gone without food permanently and survived. First, the body burns carbs and sugars then proteins; eventually it will break down its own muscles to stay alive. Without food, brain runs on proteins and sugars broken down within the body, it’s an evolutionary advantage, but the lack of energy causes weakness and confusion, immune deficiency and irritability.

Once full-on starvation hits, Miss Lukyanova will have convulsions, hallucinations, muscle spasms,and chronic diarrhea. This might take a few weeks, but it is inevitable. And that’s the easy bit. We can’t survive for more than 3-to-5 days without water. H2O lubricates our joints, protects our mucous membranes, regulates body temperature, helps dissolve minerals into our bloodstream and flush waste, and keeps the cells and fluids in our body plump and happy. A baby in a hot car could die from lack of fluids in a matter of hours. Adult humans can survive a bit longer, depending on their health.

First, they’ll experience a lack of saliva and urine; eventually dry mouth; dry, sunken eyes; rapid heartbeats;vomiting; and diarrhea. Less than a week later, during full-blown dehydration, the human body goes into shock to protect itself and then dies.Not having enough to eat is bad enough, attempting to go without eating and living off “sunlight and air” is dumb. Let’s say Miss Real-Life Barbie knows all this, and she’s going to sneak the essentials of life. What’s the minimum she needs to survive?

Medically supervised very-low calorie diets exist where patients only consume five to eight hundred calories per day, usually of a high-nutrient shake or bar. It must be medically supervised because often patients produce gallstones and experience starvation symptoms. The doctor can monitor and swoop in to save the person from their lack of diet. In the 1970s, some obese individuals attempted a fad diet where they’d only eat 400 calories a day; many had unexpected heart attacks. All these plans include lots of water, and most were tested for 8-12-week weight-loss plans, not full-time survival.

Even at that low 800-calorie level humans need a variety of nutrients, amino acids and food types to satisfy our dietary requirements! It’s not exactly easy to sneak food and still stay healthy. There are people who claim to live on a Breatharian diet, but none have been scrutinized by science. At least four people who joined the movement have died. Long story short, we NEED to eat and drink to live. That might be obvious to some humans, but apparently not all. Do you think this Barbie girl is living in a Barbie world?